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10 methods of staff demotivating

Perhaps, the greatest management delusions are related to staff motivation. Here is a certain Top 10: if you follow it, you will discourage your employees from work for sure!

Method 1

During job interviews try to draw the brightest picture. Give job seekers the impression that they came to a company with ideal working conditions. Adorn everything: salary, opportunity, prospects, working conditions.

Anti-comment. Very often employees become demotivated after they confront very serious inconsistency between what was promised and what really takes place in the company. That is why you should form right expectations of potential employees during your first acquaintance.

Method 2

Try to hire your own cronies as much as possible, preferably have them fill management positions. It does not matter whether they have no education and work experience, it is more important that they will support you and be absolutely satisfied with your work. And let others know that it is “your” person, so that they will treat him with due respect.

Anti-comment. Employment should be based on concrete and clear selection criteria for all candidates including cronies. Each employer should have solid grounds for thinking that at the top of the company there are qualified professionals who successfully passed a job interview and other tests in the company.

Method 3

If in your company or department there are specialists more successful and showing better results than the others, do not let them think that they are more valuable for the company. Everyone has equal rights! Remember that “the talent should be hungry and beaten”. So beat and don’t feed!

Anti-comment. There is a saying: “The main values of any company are people.” It is well-known that according to the Paretto principle, 20% of employees make 80% of profit. Such employees are great value for the company, so taking no care of them is injudicious. Otherwise you will lose them.

Method 4

When you assign tasks, set missions and give orders, let your direct reports use their own brains. Your requirements must be vague and inconcrete. “Go there… I don’t know where, bring something… I forgot what.” It would be even better, if your priorities changed not less than one time a day.

Anti-comment. To make employees do what you want (and not what they want!) you should set concrete, measurable, reconcilable, attainable and certain term goals. It is necessary also to control and make sure that every direct report understood the matter of the goal and its importance for the company and employee itself.

Method 5

Speak of company’s prospects in as fuzzy phrases and vague generalities as possible: “We will expand to the regions”, “We will start using new technologies”, “Now we experience a new wave of investments”. Your direct reports must find no place for themselves in these plans.

Anti-comment. Your employees will be more loyal towards the company, if they understand that the company is going to develop concerning not only market, but also the staff. They will work better when they understand what place in the plans is assigned to them.

Method 6

“Pull your direct reports and their colleagues to pieces”. It would be even better if you speak of everyone in the most negative way, comparing one with another: “He is so featherheaded! Unlike you.” There is also no sin in touching upon one’s private life: “She is in low spirits, I think, that’s because she is not married yet.”

Anti-comment. Managers, talking to the direct reports, either speak well about other employees of the company or a department or do not speak at all. An employee should not even wonder what his manager talks about him to others. Touching upon private life is generally forbidden.

Method 7

Both constant and variable components are purely your prerogative. Rate of salary depends on your relations with an employee. Try to avoid impartial criteria that allow to measure real contribution of an employee.

Anti-comment. No matter how big the salary is, employees will consider it unfair, if it is not based on very clear and concrete regulations. Better if an employer can calculate at anytime how much money he earned this month.

Method 8

Talking to your direct reports discuss your higher management, founders and owners. Criticize their policy, accuse them of their ignorance and inconsistency: “They are growing too fussy, and we must clear up the mess!”

Anti-comment. Any level manager seems to employees a guide of ideas of higher managers. It is necessary to explain to the direct reports, why and what for such decisions are made. No criticism of “tops” is allowed!

Method 9

Talking to your higher management, shift the responsibility to your direct reports. It is not you who is a bad manager, it is they who are stupid employees!

Anti-comment. Manager takes responsibility for the results of employees. They are responsible for their working in his company or department and he is responsible for the quality of their work.

Method 10

Do not even think to organize any events or activities aimed to motivate your staff. An employee should be motivated with the fact itself that he was hired and that he is paid a salary. And if it is not so, it is his problem!

Anti-comment. By organizing motivational activities, you receive more loyalty from your employees, you make them enthusiastic, and as a result you get more productivity from them for less money. A motivated employee is very economic!

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10 methods of staff demotivating

Perhaps, the greatest management delusions are related to staff motivation. Here is a certain Top 10: if you follow it, you will discourage your...