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Date posted:09:57 18.10.2012
Family status, children:single
Region:India » Mumbai (Bombay)
Profession: Pharmaceutical chemist
Desired salary:5654 USD/per year
Professional experience:2 years – 5 years
Work schedule:Full-time job
Job status:Full-time
Previous jobs: Worked as a trainee chemist in ENALTEC labs Pvt. Limited, R&D from 22nd June 2009 to July 2010 Currently working as a ADL officer in AARTI HEALTHCARE LTD, Dombivali, Mumbai, from August, 2010.
Education:Sl. No Name of Degree Name of University /Medium Year of study/ passing Percentage of Marks Class/Grade 1SSLC MATRICULATION 1999 66.73 NA 2HSC ENGLISH 2001 57.58 NA 3BACHELOR OF SCIENCE (Biochemistry) MANONMANIUM SUNDARANAR (Tirunelveli) 2002 – 2005 79.00 First 4MASTER OF SCIENCE (Biochemistry) BHARATHIDASAN (Tiruchirapalli) 2005 – 2007 80.86 D+ (Distinction)
Skills:Instruments Handling: 1) HPLC: Shimadzu LC-2010 Analyzing the purity of compounds (Pharmaceuticals) by using High Performance Liquid Chromatography 2) Gas chromatograph: (Make Shimadzu GC-14B) Analyzing the purity of compounds (Pharmaceuticals) by using Gas Chromatography 3) pH meter 4) U.V. spectrophotometer(make Shimadzu-UV 1601) 5) KARL FISCHER Apparatus (make Metrohm / Veego) 6) Melting Point Apparatus (make Veego) 7) Analytical Balance calibration 8) Polarimeter (make Rudolph Research Analytical)
E-mail:Information will be available only after registration and authorization
Phone:Information will be available only after registration and authorization


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