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Date posted:19:58 13.11.2012
Name:Hisham BIn Harun
Family status, children:Hisham
Profession: Administrative assistant
Desired salary:900 USD/per month
Professional experience:2 years – 5 years
Work schedule:Full-time job
Job status:Full-time
Previous jobs: Company Name:- Ideal Computer Training Center. Location:- BrahmanBaria, Bangladesh. Job Position:- IT Executive. Period:- March 01,2007 Up to February 05,2010 Company Name:- Hyundai Engineering & Construction Co.Ltd. Location:- State Of Qatar. Job Position:- Admin Assistant. Period:- November 05,2010 Up to November 10,2011
Education:(1) S.S.C:- 2000 (Secondary School Certificate) Great Point:- 5.00 GPA :- A+ (2) H.S.C:- 2002 (Higher Secondary Certificate) Great Point:- 4.60 GPA :- A (3) Diploma :-(2003~2006)Hardware+ & Network (IT) Great Point:- 5.00 GPA :- A+
Skills:Skills :- Diploma in Computer IT Engineer. University Name:- Aptech WorldWide. Subject :- (1)Office Management. (2)Hardware+ (3)Advanced Hardware & Network +
E-mail:Information will be available only after registration and authorization
Phone:Information will be available only after registration and authorization


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Useful information

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